Making purchasing decisions and lots of food.

Words with Lou…

*chowing down on beef jerky*
Lou – Forget an espresso machine. We need a meat dehydrator. We’ll make our own jerky!
Me – Or…here’s a better idea. We get BOTH. We’ve almost acquired all of the uni-tasker appliances. We can play uni-tasker appliance bingo!

I should really try out my new bread maker that keeps giving me the eye.

In other food-related news…
Words with the Italian bakery…

Me – How much are the mini cannolis?
Lady – A dollar each or 12 for blah blah blah (I have no idea what she actually said because of the intoxicating baked goods smell)
Me – I’ll take 24!

Argilla Brewing Co. in Newark, DE makes some awesome pizza. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to try it! They make good brews too. Lou and I ordered three personal pizzas for the two of us because we’re piggies. Also, because we couldn’t decide which of their “fancy” pies to try. One had sun-dried tomatoes and arugula and another had chicken fingers, bacon, and chipotle bbq sauce!

Something strange is going on at the Acme food store near me. The lemons are the size of grapefruits!

I’ve never had a cat that would sit on my shoulders the way Eevee does. She’s hilarious and I could take a million pictures of her doing it because it’s just so funny to me. She’s my own personal scarf kitty. I don’t even mind the constant scratch marks up and down my back and shoulders. She’s not always so graceful…

I had a fragile stamp made for my orders. I designed the whole thing with my little bean logo. I especially like the teeny “crack” in the bean like a typical fragile logo has on a glass. It reminds me of Harry Potter and his scar a lil bit. I’m also pretty sure that this fragile stamp is too cutesy to even be noticed by the post office handlers, but that’s alright….because CUTENESS.

Another Amiibo I just finished up. I have ONE more to complete and then I’ll be listing them all on Lou’s eBay account. Depending on how they do, I’ll start taking commissions in my Etsy shop for future ones! I’m super excited for this Kirby. But I was a little saddened when I was looking up reference photos for the Lucky Charms. I can’t believe how much they’ve messed with the marshmallow shapes! There’s a gold hourglass shape now? Hearts, stars, and horseshoes, clovers, and blue moons, pots of gold, and rainbows, and the red balloon! Those are the ONLY ones that should exist! The jingle says it all. I’m not even sure I agree with that green clover hat that replaced the plain clover. What is that nonsense.

We went to Joe’s Crabshack not to long ago. There was a balloon artist there making things for kids. As the hostess is showing us to our seats, Lou blurts out to no one in particular as we passed the balloon guy “How do I get one of those?”. As usual, Lou and his big mouth, who is always saying what’s on his mind and getting stopped on the street because he talks to strangers even when we yell at him, had a new balloon artist best friend. He told us this was a “new design” he was working on, and even had to go in the back to make it so that he could “present” it to Lou. Every kid that saw him was in awe and SO JEALOUS. “Mommy, look! No no…mommy loooooook!!” It was amazing.

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