We need a house…Let’s sell some games!

Lou and I are in the process of selling a lot of our old video games.  I say “our”, but the majority is probably his.  And it’s a lot of his nostalgic old things that tugs at some heart strings to give up.  Like his beloved Earthbound game that will forever go down in history as the game his mom threw the box out for when he was younger and it would have been worth soooo much more if she didn’t go and ruin his life like that.  Sheesh mom!  That’s one thing we’ve learned.  Always save the box if you can or get the collector’s edition.  Even if at the time you think you’ll never resell it.   You just never know.

But it’s all for the greater good! We’re in the process of trying to save for a house, and we came to realize that we have a lot of junk. Not junk junk, but good junk, just lying around collecting dust, when someone else could be enjoying it.

So I’m the appointed shipping department and he’s head of sales and marketing. hehe.  Our apartment looks like we just moved in.  There’s boxes and boxes upon boxes of games and merchandise just waiting to be listed.  I can’t wait for the clutter to be gone!

I’ve found myself packing the orders with tissue paper and pretty ribbons and bows.  I keep forgetting this isn’t Etsy and I’m not packing up my delicate figurines.  But EBay people like pretty packaging too, right??

As of now, I think Lou has mostly older SNES and N64 games listed, but we also have a lot of games for the other systems too, which will get listed in due time.  Click here to see what we have at the moment.

I also have an appointed shipping helper!  She mostly lays in my way and silently judges me.  I’m trying to teach her how to print shipping labels, but her lack of opposable thumbs is proving to be an issue.