Lou’s Surprise Palindrome Pi Day Fancy Yacht Themed Roast Birthday

Cue (or is it queue?) the Michael McDonald music!

And now that you’re in the right state of mind…
Lou turned 33 last week and we had a surprise roast party for him! The theme was fancy yacht party. Whatever that means.
I’m pretty pleased with myself that I was able to keep a secret. It’s hard to be sneaky when you’re a homebody and suddenly I’d be “staying late at work” and “running errands” for hours.

Check out this banner I cut out of glitter paper by hand!

Some key moments during the roast and Lou’s impromptu thank you speech. We got him a cute lil Captain’s hat that paired nicely with his powder blue tuxedo t-shirt.

My favorite part of the party planning was making the menu. I wanted some “fancy” foods. There were deviled egg boats, caprese pops, salami, cheese & olive skewers with arugula, honey, apple & goat cheese crostinis (my favorite!), prosciutto wrapped pears with balsamic glaze and finger sandwiches – cucumber on pumpernickel and roast beef with horseradish sauce.

We attempted to make a “boat” out of a pineapple. Watermelon was the original plan, but I guess they’re not in season yet since we couldn’t find any. Look how adorable all those balls of melon are! Making little balls of fruit with a melon baller was so fun. I have no idea why.
Yesenia also made Blue Moon beer infused mini cupcakes. I’m so sad that I forgot to take a picture of the delicious cherry cheesecake my mom made for the birthday cake. It looked so glamorous with the metallic gold “33” candle I made for it.

Lessons in Italian food

Words with Lou…

Lou – What’s for dinner?
Me – Spaghetti Carbonara
Lou – Aw mannn….
Me – What’s wrong??
Lou – That’s the stuff with the peppers and shit? I don’t like that.
Me – No, that’s caccitore.
Lou – Oh. …well what’s carbonara?
Me – I’m not telling you just so you can hate on that too.

It’s like living with a five year old when it comes to food with him. I am thankful that he’s always willing to try new things, but it boggles my mind that he doesn’t like classic dishes like fettucine alfredo and eggplant parmesan.

The carbonara turned out alright. I was just following some 15-minute meal recipe. It wasn’t exactly authentic, in that I used the rest of a bag of bacon bits instead of frying up real bacon because it’s all I had. Ok, don’t judge, it says REAL bacon on the package. I also added some peas. Because peas are freakin delicious. I may have added too much garlic though. Lou said his whole head felt like garlic, or something along those lines. I just played it off like that was supposed to happen. “Oh, the ol’ garlic head? Yeah…umm, that’ll happen”.

Here’s the recipe for those curious: Spaghetti Carbonara