Food & Snow

Lou bought me a pizza stone for my birthday last May. I’ve been trying to remember to use it more. I also slightly suspect that this gift was in part for him, since he gets to enjoy the pizzas I make. I smell a conspiracy!
I made a pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza. I’m pretty pleased with it since this is probably the first one that came out mostly round. I don’t know how professional pizza people do it, especially for very large pies. It’s amazing.

We also made a trip to an old hangout spot from college called the Landmark. I haven’t been there in YEARS. Despite the less than stellar Yelp reviews, I thought the food was pretty good and the staff was friendly. Lou got some kind of cheesesteak eggrolls (Isn’t that a cute presentation?) and I got a roast beef sandwich with au jus. I chalk up the bad reviews to being in a college town. College kids love to whine.

A family of birds took up residence in the ceiling of our balcony/drain gutter recently. I counted 7 in all, but you can see a few in this photo. They’re so cute. They look like mourning doves, but they have orange beaks. Why didn’t they fly south for the winter?? It’s so cold out!

View from my office parking lot last time it snowed. The Brandywine River is right over that railing. It’s really pretty in Wilmington when it snows, despite being labeled “Murder Town USA”.

Eating and Drinking Festivities

This past Saturday a group of us went to the Brandywine Food & Wine Festival.  It was pretty fun!  For the cost of the ticket, $15 in advance, they give you a glass (I was surprised it was actually glass and not plastic), a bottle of water and a wristband with a bunch of tabs and as you go from booth to booth tasting wines the vendor tears off one of your tabs for each tasting.  My biggest complaint was the LINES.  We ended up getting doubles, triples and even quadruples of some of the wines just because we were tired of waiting around for each tiny taste.  The nice part was you could also purchase a glass or a whole bottle.  So naturally we bought bottles and chilled on the grass with a blanket and chairs.

The food was killer.  I’m a sucker for food trucks.  There was BBQ, pizza, Korean, Indian, crabcakes, cupcakes, cheese, ice cream, kettle corn, jerky.  The best were these deep-fried kimchi rice balls from the Korean food truck.  Ka-Chi I think it was called?  Little balls of rice with the flavor of kimchi all breaded and crispy on the outside with a drizzle of spicy sauce.  Naturally, there’s no pictures because they were devoured within seconds.  We also ate pork sliders, chicken skewers, bulgogi tacos, and TWO cupcakes – chocolate chip cookie dough and a variation on a snickerdoodle.

The boy also bought one rib from the BBQ stand, which I thought was smart.  Not everyone wants to go all out with a whole rack of ribs, but to casually buy one rib at time.  Sure, why not!  We were stuffed.  I think the food was my favorite part.

I’m not sure if we’ll go next year though.  The lines and the stinginess with the wine tastings was kind of annoying.  I guess I’m spoiled by the beer festivals where the alcohol flows freely like they have a never-ending supply!