Mold Making Adventures

Like every new project I want to tackle, it takes me a million years to even get started.  I’ve been researching mold-making as an alternative to hand-sculpting each and every figurine I make.  For the designs I recreate over and over, I wanted a better way to reproduce the base figure so I could be sure I was making batches in as uniform a size as I could.  Plus, casting the figurines in resin instead of clay would produce some very durable figures.  I’m pretty excited about that.  Not to mention it would cut down on my sculpting time, leaving me open to work on new designs as well!

Waiting 6+ hours for the silicone rubber mold to set really tested my patience. It was like waiting for a cake to rise.  I kept poking the tops.  “Is it done yet? Is it done yet?? How bout now???”


And TA-DA! It worked! The silicone rubber molds came out great and I quickly mixed up a batch of plastic liquid concoction to pour into the molds. Less than 20 minutes later and I have some new friends. The plastic recreated versions are on the left of each. I decided to make a mold of my pocket kitty, a raindrop and a larger regular kitty. The larger kitty size is rarely available in my shop, except for custom wedding cake topper orders, where they wanted something slightly larger for their cake. I’m excited to begin offering these in the shop soon and more often!

My army is growing!