New Year, New creations

Say goodbye to this purple Moogle tie! By the time I write this, it should be arriving at its destination very soon. I was worried that bright purple would be a little too bold of a color, but then I remembered that all of these neckties I paint feature crazy characters anyways…so that’s probably the least of someone’s concern. I’d like to paint some more Final Fantasy-themed neckties soon. I just have to figure out what!

With the new year here, I’m starting to gear up for “wedding season”! I have a lot of new cake topper ideas in the works, including some cats and foxes!
As usual, I’m all over the place and plans may change. (I’m also working on something super top secret!) But as of right now, cake toppers – that’s my focus! Well…and maybe shoes…and maybe neckties. Gah! I need more hands. As always, I still take custom requests, so even if I don’t have what you’re looking for listed, chances are I can make it for you.

Necktie updates

Things have been super hectic around here with Christmas just around the corner. But I tried my hardest to get a few more neckties listed in the shop in time to be used as gifts…or wear yourself! Everything bought between now and Christmas will ship same or next business day. Upgraded shipping is also available for an additional cost! I plan on keeping the shop open through Christmas and New Years, but keep in mind that nothing will ship Dec 24 – 26 and Dec 31 – Jan 2.

These are the last new ties I’ll have available through the new year.

I also just finished a custom Growlithe necktie! This one is already spoken for, but I might add more to the shop later. It’s hard to know which Pokemon to choose for neckties unless it’s a custom order. There’s just so many! Everyone has a different favorite.

Halloween Updates

Halloween is a little over a month away, which means it’s time to start decorating…or at least start THINKING about starting to decorate. Actually, it’s almost Christmas according to all the stores. Where’s your Christmas tree? Did you stock up on that adorable snowflake wrapping paper? What do you mean you haven’t put up your Christmas lights yet? Aackk!!

Anywho, I have some new Halloween Plini figurines available in the shop now! It’s not often I can get the holiday themed figures out in time. I just always forget to plan ahead. These guys are the only ones I’ll have available through Halloween. And I do take custom orders if you’re looking for a different facial expression or color, but they won’t be ready before Halloween.

Other exciting news…all of these Halloween Plini figures, plus more that I have planned to list very soon are all made of resin (a hard plastic material) that I hand-cast instead of polymer clay. They’re a lot more durable and less likely to crack or shatter if dropped. I swear these little guys are like slippery bars of soap sometimes. Then I sand each one to get them nice & smooth and free of any imperfections, and finally hand-paint and seal them with many layers of a glossy topcoat. I’ll still be making the clay versions here and there, but for now I’m having fun with this new material. If you buy (or already own) one of my clay versions, you can tell the difference between those and a resin version by a little blue heart on the bottom of the resin figurines. Honestly, other than that you can’t even tell! It’s pretty cool.

More updates meow!

Here’s a few more kitties I’m finishing up. Since taking these photos, they’ve all been glazed and are now nice and shiny. I get a little obsessive sometimes. If it takes 5 coats to get that glossy coat, then 5 coats it is!

I’m really excited for the “strawberry kitties” too. Just combining two of my favorite loves…food and cats! Before I added the seeds, they kind of resembled tomatoes. My gears are turning now!

This here’s a little teeny tiny robin upside down. Soon to be made into earrings! I hand-sculpt & paint each one until I go cross-eyed and need a snack break. I also have some cardinals along with various other colors. I realized I haven’t had earrings in my shop in a while. That needs to change!

A New Litter

I’ve been working on a fresh batch of kitties for the past few days. These ones are a bit bigger than my regular kitty figurines, and are made of hard plastic (instead of poly clay)! I cast all of these from that kitty silicone mold I made earlier. I’m loving that I can make a whole bunch quickly leaving more time to play around with some new ideas. Namely, their eyes. I love the simplicity of the black dots on my smaller kitty figurines, but sometimes you just want something a little more expressive. Plus, if I wanted to do something like red eyes, simple dots just looked a little too demonic to me.

The shop is closed right now while I work on a few order stragglers and play around with some ideas that have been simmering in my brain.  But hopefully soon I’ll have everything back up, including this batch of kitties listed. Lots of picture taking needed.

I think besides just sitting pretty on a shelf, this size kitty would make a nice wedding cake topper.  Especially on a larger cake.  I used to have kitty cake toppers in my shop, but as usual, one project falls to the back burner when you’re working on another!  I also got a revived obsession with Minecraft again, so that’s been eating some of my time.

Can you guess who these kitties are supposed to be?? I hope so! With the whole Sailor Moon revival with the 20th anniversary, I’ve had some cutesy ideas floating around in my head.
Say hello to Luna & Artemis! I’m not sure yet if I want to sell them as a set or separately. These ones I think would make cute cake toppers. Just add a little tulle veil and maybe a top hat and we’re good to go. Or not! I also have an idea involving the Sailor Scouts, but I’ll save that for another post.

And here’s a real kitty. This is my “garbage kitty” Eevee. She’ll sit in any boxes I put near the garbage can. Garbage kitty does not approve of these empty wine bottles.

Necktie progress

I’ve been busily finishing a custom order for a few neckties and one of them is for Eevee! I really like the way Eevee on the dark brown necktie came out. It was hard to make a color decision at first. I was worried it would be too broooooown. But I think it matches well! I also decided to paint a second one that I’ll be offering up in the shop this weekend when I take the proper pictures. I’m hoping to get more “Eevee-lution” neckties painted up soon too. They’re all just so cute!

Although, I’m not sure if a guy would be cool with wearing a Sylveon necktie… That’s a big issue I keep coming across. “Is this manly enough??” I keep forgetting I’m not painting cute things for girly girls. Would the men of the world like a Sailor Moon tie? I certainly want to make one!

Teacup Kitty

I’ve been sitting on a new design for a little while now. It was somewhat difficult to get it just how I wanted it to look. Teacup & saucers are harder than they look! But now that it’s all finished, I’m having trouble parting with it. That’s the problem with new designs. They’re my babies! I can’t bear to see them go!
I would love to make more with other types of kitties and teacups with different colors and patterns. I think that would be adorable. This guy is only about two inches high, but I would like to make even bigger ones too.

For now, I’ll keep staring at this one I have trying to decide if I should part with it, or at least give me the motivation/pressure to make more soon!