Munny customizing

Here’s how my customized mini Munny figure came out! HOW adorable is that cotton candy??

The deadline to vote is passed. I’m kind of miffed about it though. I feel like the voting portion wasn’t well thought out. People were allowed to submit their designs to be immediately cast in the pool of voting pretty much as soon as they received their LootCrate with the Munny figurine included (for the contest). So essentially, if you already had a customized Munny that fit the theme, or were very fast at customizing one, you could get a good head start on everyone and gather a lot more votes just due to the extra exposure you got.
I’m not trying to be a sore loser. I was just hoping the voting portion of the contest would be a little more fair to everyone. Why not accept entries until a certain point, and THEN open it to voting once everyone is accounted for?
But I won’t dwell. I’m really happy with how my little circus kitty came out and I might not have pushed myself to give it a try if it weren’t for this contest. Not to mention I still have a shot to win the “Judge’s Pick”, which isn’t based on most votes. So that would still be awesome. Fingers crossed!

I’m also working on another custom wedding cake topper. This will be my last cake topper commission for a little while. I have so many projects that I need to catch up on! But look how cute these guys are. They’re modeled after the Android robot mascot dude.

Here’s a little sneak peak of another custom Amiibo I’m working on.

I also picked up a new sketchbook. It’s like a new pair of socks. Nice and cozy. I can’t wait to do some more two-dimensional pieces!

Last week I made some steamed pork dumplings. They were pretty awesome. But I forgot how time consuming it is to make them! Next time I’ll take the recipe writer’s advice and make a whole bunch to freeze too. Then I’ll have mountains of dumplings for later! I also made some kimchi fried rice with an egg on top.

And finally…an Eevee pic. Just a typical “I’m trying to work” day  being ruined by the “slow blink” cuteness.

DIY Cat Scratcher

Oh surprise surprise, another post about cats.  Real cats this time!

We’ve acquired A LOT of cardboard boxes since our last move.  We have boxes in the hallway closet, in the bedroom closet, in the other bedroom closet, on top of shelves, under the bed, under the couch, behind the dresser.  I just can’t bring myself to throw them out because I know EVENTUALLY we’ll be moving and it’s so much easier to have the boxes on hand than go dumpster diving….again.  That’s apartment life for ya.  But the longer we live here, the MORE boxes we get.  I think they’re secretly multiplying.

I saw a cute DIY for a cat scratching pad and I kept it in the back of my head until I had some free time.

The thing about projects that you do on the floor is the cats always want to “help”.

Eevee was all about this project. The part that took the longest was cutting all of the strips. I used an x-acto knife and made my strips 4 inches wide. The only difference I made from the instructions was to hot glue the strips at each end instead of using tape. I feel like that made it more sturdy and secure. Oh, and I also didn’t add any paper to the bottom of the circle. I was just too pooped at that point and glad it was finished.

A helpful tip – after you cut your strips, roll them a little, bending at each corrugated line that way they more naturally curve in a circle. Or else you’ll have kinks and all of the cardboard won’t sit flush against itself like the photo in the DIY instructions. Does that make any sense? Sort of like this: There’s nothing wrong with this kitty scratcher. Just something to consider, if you’re expecting yours to come out looking exactly like the DIY photo.

Adding the cardboard strips started getting a little tedious after a while for us both.

Keep in mind the cardboard you want to use for the final outside layer. I had a bunch of LootCrate boxes to use up, and I think they made it look really cool! If you don’t know what LootCrate is, it’s basically a themed-monthly subscription of geeky goodies. I’ve received some really cool collectible figurines and t-shirts. It’s a lot of fun getting it in the mail!

A New Litter

I’ve been working on a fresh batch of kitties for the past few days. These ones are a bit bigger than my regular kitty figurines, and are made of hard plastic (instead of poly clay)! I cast all of these from that kitty silicone mold I made earlier. I’m loving that I can make a whole bunch quickly leaving more time to play around with some new ideas. Namely, their eyes. I love the simplicity of the black dots on my smaller kitty figurines, but sometimes you just want something a little more expressive. Plus, if I wanted to do something like red eyes, simple dots just looked a little too demonic to me.

The shop is closed right now while I work on a few order stragglers and play around with some ideas that have been simmering in my brain.  But hopefully soon I’ll have everything back up, including this batch of kitties listed. Lots of picture taking needed.

I think besides just sitting pretty on a shelf, this size kitty would make a nice wedding cake topper.  Especially on a larger cake.  I used to have kitty cake toppers in my shop, but as usual, one project falls to the back burner when you’re working on another!  I also got a revived obsession with Minecraft again, so that’s been eating some of my time.

Can you guess who these kitties are supposed to be?? I hope so! With the whole Sailor Moon revival with the 20th anniversary, I’ve had some cutesy ideas floating around in my head.
Say hello to Luna & Artemis! I’m not sure yet if I want to sell them as a set or separately. These ones I think would make cute cake toppers. Just add a little tulle veil and maybe a top hat and we’re good to go. Or not! I also have an idea involving the Sailor Scouts, but I’ll save that for another post.

And here’s a real kitty. This is my “garbage kitty” Eevee. She’ll sit in any boxes I put near the garbage can. Garbage kitty does not approve of these empty wine bottles.

Necktie progress

I’ve been busily finishing a custom order for a few neckties and one of them is for Eevee! I really like the way Eevee on the dark brown necktie came out. It was hard to make a color decision at first. I was worried it would be too broooooown. But I think it matches well! I also decided to paint a second one that I’ll be offering up in the shop this weekend when I take the proper pictures. I’m hoping to get more “Eevee-lution” neckties painted up soon too. They’re all just so cute!

Although, I’m not sure if a guy would be cool with wearing a Sylveon necktie… That’s a big issue I keep coming across. “Is this manly enough??” I keep forgetting I’m not painting cute things for girly girls. Would the men of the world like a Sailor Moon tie? I certainly want to make one!

A New Beginning!

Hello!  It’s been a while.  I haven’t been taking a break or anything.  Well, just from blogging.  Oh the shame!  A lot has happened since my last blog post over a YEAR ago.  Lou and I moved back to Delaware for one!  North Carolina was quite the experience and I’m glad we went.  I loved the community and the local food & handmade art vibe. And since the town was next to a college, there were always events going on.  But one thing we didn’t take into account when we moved there was missing our family and friends up north.  Who knew?  Fast forward a year and some months, and we’re all settled back in Delaware.  It’s a lot easier being 30 minutes from your family than 8 hours.

After the move, I kind of abandoned my blog with so much going on.  Pictures showed as broken links and my layout got all wonky.  There were cobwebs forming in the corners and dust bunnies under the bed.  It was sad and pitiful.  Instead of reviving the blog, I decided I should just do what I’ve been meaning to finish for..oh I don’t know…YEARS and YEARS…my website!  And with that, a spiffy new blog.  Now you can see my collection of past work, shop, and blog all in one tidy place.

There’s a few things going on since the move – We got a new kitty and named her Eevee.  Now we have three and I can proudly proclaim the cat lady status.  Once the cats outnumber the humans in the household, then you know…  I’ve been telling Lou we need another one already, but our current place is too small.  Oh well.  Maybe a homeless cat will wander up to the door and I’ll reason to Lou that he found us, and I wasn’t even looking, so it isn’t like this is my fault.  I’ve been feeding a squirrel, who I named Squirrel Friend, on our balcony daily for months, probably to fend off my obsession with wanting a fourth cat.

In creative news…I’m still painting shoes, neckties and figurines.  My schedule is a little more tight now, so I’m only able to take on so many custom orders at a time, or make new ready to ship items.  I was recently commissioned to make some awesome Wildstar shoes for a customer who works for the game that wanted a pair for appearances and the like.  (Wildstar is a new MMO game on PC).  I actually got to meet her too when a group of us went to PAX East in Boston this year.  It’s so surreal to me, meeting customers.  You’re a real person!  You don’t just live in my computer!  I’ll talk more about PAX in another post, since I don’t want to ramble on forever!

You can also still find some of my wares on and at This N That Gift Gallery in Carrboro, NC.  ShanaLogic has a few exclusive items that I worked with them to create.  Even a few ornaments.  It’s not Christmastime, but who cares!  And I’ll usually send This N That a lot of one-offs, bird earrings (not usually found in my shop), and mountains of all sorts of pocket kitty colors.  So you’re bound to find something unique.

Well I think that’s enough rambling for one post.  More posts to come!  Probably mostly more rambling…

Also, follow me on Instagram if you like constant cat pictures!  I sure do.

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