A New Beginning!

Hello!  It’s been a while.  I haven’t been taking a break or anything.  Well, just from blogging.  Oh the shame!  A lot has happened since my last blog post over a YEAR ago.  Lou and I moved back to Delaware for one!  North Carolina was quite the experience and I’m glad we went.  I loved the community and the local food & handmade art vibe. And since the town was next to a college, there were always events going on.  But one thing we didn’t take into account when we moved there was missing our family and friends up north.  Who knew?  Fast forward a year and some months, and we’re all settled back in Delaware.  It’s a lot easier being 30 minutes from your family than 8 hours.

After the move, I kind of abandoned my blog with so much going on.  Pictures showed as broken links and my layout got all wonky.  There were cobwebs forming in the corners and dust bunnies under the bed.  It was sad and pitiful.  Instead of reviving the blog, I decided I should just do what I’ve been meaning to finish for..oh I don’t know…YEARS and YEARS…my website!  And with that, a spiffy new blog.  Now you can see my collection of past work, shop, and blog all in one tidy place.

There’s a few things going on since the move – We got a new kitty and named her Eevee.  Now we have three and I can proudly proclaim the cat lady status.  Once the cats outnumber the humans in the household, then you know…  I’ve been telling Lou we need another one already, but our current place is too small.  Oh well.  Maybe a homeless cat will wander up to the door and I’ll reason to Lou that he found us, and I wasn’t even looking, so it isn’t like this is my fault.  I’ve been feeding a squirrel, who I named Squirrel Friend, on our balcony daily for months, probably to fend off my obsession with wanting a fourth cat.

In creative news…I’m still painting shoes, neckties and figurines.  My schedule is a little more tight now, so I’m only able to take on so many custom orders at a time, or make new ready to ship items.  I was recently commissioned to make some awesome Wildstar shoes for a customer who works for the game that wanted a pair for appearances and the like.  (Wildstar is a new MMO game on PC).  I actually got to meet her too when a group of us went to PAX East in Boston this year.  It’s so surreal to me, meeting customers.  You’re a real person!  You don’t just live in my computer!  I’ll talk more about PAX in another post, since I don’t want to ramble on forever!

You can also still find some of my wares on ShanaLogic.com and at This N That Gift Gallery in Carrboro, NC.  ShanaLogic has a few exclusive items that I worked with them to create.  Even a few ornaments.  It’s not Christmastime, but who cares!  And I’ll usually send This N That a lot of one-offs, bird earrings (not usually found in my shop), and mountains of all sorts of pocket kitty colors.  So you’re bound to find something unique.

Well I think that’s enough rambling for one post.  More posts to come!  Probably mostly more rambling…

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