Munny customizing

Here’s how my customized mini Munny figure came out! HOW adorable is that cotton candy??

The deadline to vote is passed. I’m kind of miffed about it though. I feel like the voting portion wasn’t well thought out. People were allowed to submit their designs to be immediately cast in the pool of voting pretty much as soon as they received their LootCrate with the Munny figurine included (for the contest). So essentially, if you already had a customized Munny that fit the theme, or were very fast at customizing one, you could get a good head start on everyone and gather a lot more votes just due to the extra exposure you got.
I’m not trying to be a sore loser. I was just hoping the voting portion of the contest would be a little more fair to everyone. Why not accept entries until a certain point, and THEN open it to voting once everyone is accounted for?
But I won’t dwell. I’m really happy with how my little circus kitty came out and I might not have pushed myself to give it a try if it weren’t for this contest. Not to mention I still have a shot to win the “Judge’s Pick”, which isn’t based on most votes. So that would still be awesome. Fingers crossed!

I’m also working on another custom wedding cake topper. This will be my last cake topper commission for a little while. I have so many projects that I need to catch up on! But look how cute these guys are. They’re modeled after the Android robot mascot dude.

Here’s a little sneak peak of another custom Amiibo I’m working on.

I also picked up a new sketchbook. It’s like a new pair of socks. Nice and cozy. I can’t wait to do some more two-dimensional pieces!

Last week I made some steamed pork dumplings. They were pretty awesome. But I forgot how time consuming it is to make them! Next time I’ll take the recipe writer’s advice and make a whole bunch to freeze too. Then I’ll have mountains of dumplings for later! I also made some kimchi fried rice with an egg on top.

And finally…an Eevee pic. Just a typical “I’m trying to work” day  being ruined by the “slow blink” cuteness.

4 thoughts on “Munny customizing

  1. You should have told all your people about that contest! We would have voted! That munny is beautiful. The pink cotton candy is a great touch.
    I can see why your cake toppers are such a hit. Who has cake toppers like that?!
    Wow, homemade dumplings. You are one talented chick.
    And funny, the “slow blink.”

    • I did! I bugged everyone multiple times on my personal FB and my magicbeanbuyer page. I tweeted, I Instagramed, I sent smoke signals, I prayed to the gods. LOL. That’s the problem with FB. Not everyone sees your updates!

      I’ve yet to perfect the dumpling dipping sauce though! The kind you get with your dumplings from the chinese food delivery is just the best. It’s such a simple sauce, but I can’t quiteeee get it justttt right. haha

      • I never see anything from you on FB. Never. Unless you are commenting on a conversation that I am already involved in. Maybe it has something to do with you not commenting on other people’s stuff? I notice that I see a lot of stuff from people who I am active with. That’s too bad. I’m sure everyone would have voted for you.

        Yes, that sauce is key.

      • Yeah whatever algorithms facebook did to make things “better” really just made things worse. I have hundreds of friends and only see about a handful of the same people’s stuff in my feed. One day I went into some friend’s profiles that I hadn’t interacted with in a while and lo and behold, the next day their updates were showing up on my feed. It’s stupid. Facebook thinks we want to interact with the people we most interact with (which is true), but when you take away the opportunity to interact with people you don’t interact with, then you can’t (or forget to) interact with them. It’s a vicious cycle.

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