Valentine’s Day Adventure

For Valentine’s Day, we decided to get together with some friends and frolic in Philly. We took the train in, because it’s not an adventure unless you utilize public transportation. Little did we know that it was going to start snow storming. I guess it’s better than rain!

We went for dim sum at some delicious place in Chinatown that I can’t remember the name of. It was only my second time, but my first in Philly. It was amazing and I wish I had more pictures than just Lou and I grinning like fools before the meal. It was wave after wave of strange and tasty dishes. And the bill was SO CHEAP. I would go everyday if we lived closer.

Then we all went for coffee and french macarons. I was beyond excited since I hadn’t had a macaron since we lived near that fancy coffee shop in North Carolina. They’re probably my second favorite dessert next to canolis. I planned on ordering 10 bajillion of them, but sadly they only had a few left of one flavor! I’m guessing this was a big dessert day since it was Valentine’s Day and all.

My one treasured macaron was delicious though. Earl Grey tea macacon with some kind of chocolate filling.

Of course no adventure is complete without a spicy pickleback shot. For those not in the know, picklebacks are a shot of Jameson with a pickle juice chaser. It’s freaking delicious if you like pickles and it cuts the harshness of the whiskey immediately. We first came across them in North Carolina a couple of years ago, but they’ve become kind of hipstery trendy now. I don’t care. I LOVE pickle juice.

And here’s the “bouquet” I made for Lou for V-Day. An assortment of beef jerky sticks that I glued some paper flower pieces to. Food is my favorite gift. You could give me food all day over a piece of jewelry. I hope Lou feels the same!

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