PA Renaissance Faire Trip

This past weekend we managed to squeeze in a Renaissance Faire trip. The season ends this upcoming weekend, so we really pushed it! Lou and I found these ridiculously awesome hoodies from Kohl’s that doubled as a quick costume. I’m elbow deep in making my “real” Halloween costume (details later!), and didn’t have time to throw together much for Ren Faire.

I think I make a pretty alright Batman. Since I’m always cold, this hoodie was perfect. We didn’t realize Lou’s Darth Vader would be such a hit though. People were constantly high fiving him and gushing about how awesome he looked. Sure he was wearing shorts and poorly matching shoes, but he also had a lightsaber hooked to his belt, so it all came together…I guess.

What is this…bartender photobomb?!

In typical evil Darth Vader fashion, Lou found a Princess to harass. It’s okay…we know her. She was not impressed.

Sadly, at the end of the day in a drunken stupor, Lou forgot his beloved mug. We think he left it on the counter at the gift shop, but who knows! At least we have this photo to remember it fondly!

The best part of the day…I bought this magical jewel encrusted chalice of amazement! Lou convinced me. I wasn’t sure if it was too over the top. What was I thinking? Now I can be fancy when I sip my fancy $9.99 wine.

2 thoughts on “PA Renaissance Faire Trip

    • Pretty much! People usually like to dress up in Renaissance costumes, but since this was a Halloween weekend, anything goes. They have themes every weekend, like Pirates, Time Travelers, etc. and the shows they put on will usually have to do with that. Plus, when you come dressed in a full Renaissance costume you get a discount on your ticket!

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