More updates meow!

Here’s a few more kitties I’m finishing up. Since taking these photos, they’ve all been glazed and are now nice and shiny. I get a little obsessive sometimes. If it takes 5 coats to get that glossy coat, then 5 coats it is!

I’m really excited for the “strawberry kitties” too. Just combining two of my favorite loves…food and cats! Before I added the seeds, they kind of resembled tomatoes. My gears are turning now!

This here’s a little teeny tiny robin upside down. Soon to be made into earrings! I hand-sculpt & paint each one until I go cross-eyed and need a snack break. I also have some cardinals along with various other colors. I realized I haven’t had earrings in my shop in a while. That needs to change!


2 thoughts on “More updates meow!

  1. That bird you’re holding looks just like the bird in your Instagram picture on the right. Must be some sort of sign.
    It’s amazing that all those cats’ faces are exactly the same. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you used stickers! You should make sure your customers know they are completely hand-done.

    • Aw, you’re right! Yeah I didn’t see him anywhere the next day, so I’m hoping he survived.

      Wow, I didn’t even think people wouldn’t realize I hand-painted everything. Good suggestion!

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