The Unloved Balcony, now with more Love.

When Lou and I moved into this apartment, we partially chose it for the balcony. I was dreaming of the days we could spend relaxing out there with our feet propped up, playing our Nintendo DS’s, sipping on some margaritas. We’ve lived in a handful of apartments over the past decade, and out of all of the complaints I’ve had about each one, not having a balcony or patio was a bummer. It just made me feel trapped. So fast-forward to our current living situation. Two and a half years later and I finally got around to decorating it! I’d like to blame the weather on my lack of motivation. If it wasn’t raining, it was 1,000 degrees out and who wants to sit out on a balcony when they’re melting??

I kept seeing so many cute patio decoration ideas on Pinterest and I got obsessed! I want to do everything! I want it to look like a cozy secret garden where the kitties can lounge out there and keep me company (and in a dream world NOT chew the plants). Lou kept reminding me that we wouldn’t be living here forever (saving for a house!), so don’t go nuts buying stuff we wouldn’t want to move or doing anything permanent. Luckily my mom had some chairs and an old patio table she could give me and my dad had a piece of scrap carpet we could lay down. So I only had to worry about plants and little details.

Lou’s not too keen on the hot pink chairs. I swore up and down that I didn’t know they were pink when my mom offered them to me! He wouldn’t have had much of a say either way though.

Oh the joys of renting. When we moved into this apartment, we were greeted by a babydoll and a ball in a tree. In the summer, you can’t notice it much when the tree is full, but in the winter, it’s there for all to see. Looking creepy and discarded. And it’s JUUUUST far enough away that we couldn’t try knocking it out of the tree. Kind of annoying and funny.

It’s a little hard to tell, but I hung those cute globe lights all around the perimeter. It gives the whole balcony such a cozy feel! I got these ones from Target. Two strands were able to go around the whole thing with a little extra. They do seem delicate though, being made of glass, outside blowing in the breeze. So far so good.

We don’t have as many plants as I would like for a “lush secret garden”, but we have enough for now. Lou picked out this giant hibiscus tree. I’m sad that all of the flowers have fallen off since buying it, but I’m also pleased that it’s not dying, like that poor geranium plant in the corner. All in all, I managed to keep most of the plants alive, which I’m very happy (and a bit surprised) about.
Lou also picked out the flamingo. Because what patio is complete without one? I also think it matches really well with the chairs! It was meant to be!

I found a tutorial for this hanging basket planter on A Beautiful Mess. I’m really happy with how it turned out and also how easy it was to make! Not to mention…would you LOOK at that big fuscia flower poking out of the top?? I totally grew that. It wasn’t there when I planted the whole plant. Not to mention, how amazingly convenient it has been to have basil and parsley readily available! I’m kicking myself for not getting a tomato plant, now that I’m a “pro” and all. Hah! Is it too late for tomatoes? Probably. Does anyone need some basil or parsley?? I have way too much now!


4 thoughts on “The Unloved Balcony, now with more Love.

    • I’m not sure! It’s gone now, sadly. But the plant itself is still doing alright! Let’s not talk about the parsley though….

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