Figurine Updates

Here’s a peek at a fresh batch of some figurines I’m working on for ShanaLogic. Baby narhwals are still baking! A few fox necklaces, foxes, dragon ornaments and various kitties. I need some minions to help me paint everything!

These are my “samples” that I use for size and design reference. That’s a big obstacle with hand-sculpted figurines. Unlike the ease of having a mold, if you’re making a design in bulk, it’s challenging to get the same size everytime. You can also see the size difference between the dragon ornament and the regular dragon figurine. I can’t decide which size I like better!

People have asked me in the past what type of clay I use. I stick with only Super Sculpey in the tan color. I’ve found that it’s more durable and easy to sculpt and hold its shape. It also seems to react the least with the types of paints and gloss I use. Some of the other poly clays I’ve tried in the past have stayed kind of tacky after applying the gloss. I don’t get it. So I just avoid it. Problem solved!



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