Hand-Painted Gaming Headset


A while back…let’s just say more than a few months…I’M SO BEHIND (the shame), so a while back I painted my friend his very own gaming head set.  I used the Skullcandy SLYR brand, mostly because that was the best one offered in the store at the time with a “large canvas” to work with. I included some of the video games he plays – Persona 4, League of Legends, Halo, Final Fantasy, Borderlands, Radiata Stories, Mario.  But I did sneak in a little Hello Kitty and Katamari action.  These were a lot of fun to paint, and a refreshing break from what I normally work on.  I’m considering painting some more headsets to offer in my shop sometime soon.  But first I want to see how well these ones hold up to everyday wear and tear.  I love making my friends my guinea pigs!  It only took me a million months to upload these photos.  Hopefully it won’t take as long to get the gears going on this idea!


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